Thursday, September 13, 2007

News From The Ranch

Late summer and early fall has been busy here at the ranch. In July, we submitted our application for the conditional use permit that is required on our land prior to building our first home. We were surprised to find that we were met with opposition! I guess any work of God is usually met with opposition, but it's always hard when it happens to you. The city recommended that we put in very expensive infrastucture that would cost several hundreds of thousands before even starting the construction of the first home, so we realized we needed to go back to the drawing board. God has been so faithful in this process! On one of our lowest days, we went to the mailbox to find a wonderfully encouraging note from one of you with a sizable contribution to the ranch! God is always right on time to meet our needs! We needed encouragement and confirmation of his call that day, and he gave us both!! He has also provided a wise counselor in Gary and Linda Ezell, our neighbors. Gary and Linda are both godly people and very mission-minded! Gary has much knowledge about city requirements and gaining necessary permits for construction. He has helped us so much! Truely he has been sent by God! We plan to go back to the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission as soon as we can, hopefully October.

Eddie has been in contact with Randy Phillips of Phillips, Craig and Dean and they have agreed to come and do a fund raiser for the ranch. We will give details as they become available.
The ranch is home to a large blackberry crop and our children had a wonderful idea as we were picking blackberries one day. They wanted to pick the blackberries, make jam and sell it outside of Walmart to raise money and publicity for the ranch. So, after working hard all summer, our first annual blackberry jam fundraiser will take place this weekend and next outside of Walmart on Parker Road.
We also have a rummage sale planned for October 19th and 20th. So clean out your closets and if you have anything you'd like to donate, bring it by Shannon Puryear's house at 1008 Rossland by Tuesday, October 16th.

Please pray that God would change the hearts of those opposing us. That he would open their eyes and hearts to see that this is His work. Pray that the conditional use permit would be granted so we can continue on toward our first home.

Pray that our fundraisers would go well and many people would learn about the ranch through our distribution of literature during these events.


Catherine Averitt said...

Lee and Eddie,
I am so excited to see the new website! It's so official now. God's and your vision are becoming a reality. I can't wait to see what amazing blessings are around the corner. Thanks for letting me be a part of this. What an awesome family you are!


Sandra said...

We are praying for King's Ranch here in Texarkana, Texas. It is so exciting to see this new website! Now we can keep up with the progress. I was very encouraged by Isaiah 41:9-13 today, and I know it will encourage you, Eddie and Lee, as well.

Andrea said...

Lee and Eddie,
The website looks great! Our prayers are wtih you, your family and for the magnificent things God has in store for the ranch.You both are truly blessings to the children that will call the ranch "home" during their time of need.

Andrea McKinney