Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Sincere Thanks

We would like to say thank you to all of you who have supported us through prayer, donations, writing letters, making phone calls, sending emails, coming to council meetings, and giving us encouragement through this time. We are still believing that God will complete the vision of King's Ranch. We don't understand all the details, but we know that He is sovereign over all. His timing is perfect. He is always faithful. We anticipate something greater than we could have hoped for or imagined. We know that many of you have taken time out of your lives to help us and for that we say Thank You and may God bless you and your family!

Still believing,
Eddie and Lee

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dear Friends,

King's Ranch would like to respond to some misinformation that has been circulated recently about our ministry. King's Ranch has requested a conditional use permit for a residence located at 2816 Day Drive. This beautiful 4900 square foot home sits on 10.57 acres of secluded, wooded property that joins Dr. and Mrs. Eddie Cooper's 59+acre already established ranch. The Cooper's have applied for a conditional use permit that is required in order to have a group home in an R-1 zoned area. Group homes are allowed in R-1 zoned areas with this conditional use permit, therefore, no re-zoning is necessary.

The Metropolitan Area Planning Commission (MAPC) staff report found that there would be no detriment to surrounding neighborhoods if the permit was granted with conditions. One of the conditions was that the home be limited to 1 with no more than 8 children. The Cooper's have accepted these conditions.

Response to Misinformation:

1. There will be a maximum of 8 children living in the existing home, with Christian house parents who are called into this type of ministry. No other "professional or domestic staff" will reside in the home.

2. The home is on property zoned R-1. The proposed use of this home is permitted in an R-1 zone with a conditional use permit. No re-zoning is necessary.

3. The original application for King's Ranch was for more than one home, but Dr. and Mrs. Cooper have accepted the conditions recommended by the MAPC staff, including the condition of only one home with no more than 8 children. If future expansion is considered, a new application and approval would be necessary.

4. KING'S RANCH IS NOT A BUSINESS. IT IS A HOME. It is non profit and there will be no signs erected. The lights go off at night and come on in the morning, just like any home. King's Ranch is a place for hurting children to have a "real home".

5. King's Ranch is not at all similar to the House of Refuge. The House of Refuge is state funded and accepts teenage girls (age 13-18) that are wards of the state in the foster care system. King's Ranch is a private organization that is privately funded. Children between the ages of 6 and 12 can come to the ranch. Children who are younger than 6 can come if at least 1 sibling is 6 years old. Children can remain after age 12 if they are succeeding in the environment. Since King's Ranch is privately funded, Dr. and Mrs. Cooper are the ones who will make the decision of who comes to live at the ranch. No government agency will make those decisions for them. No child who has severe behavioral or emotional problems will be allowed at the ranch for that would undermine the King's Ranch ministry. Dr. and Mrs. Cooper have four children of their own, ages 7 through 14, and would not put their own children at risk. If a problem did develop, the child would be transferred elsewhere or returned to their guardian.

It is unfortunate that there is a prevalent misunderstanding of what King's Ranch is all about. There are so many children in our city who just need a safe place to call home and someone to love them. This is what King's Ranch desires to give these young children. Our purpose is to restore their childhood and share with them and others the hope that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to give them an opportunity to succeed in life. We hope that some of the misunderstanding has been dispelled and you will join us in being a blessing to "one of the least of these".